Submit a request

Please have a look at our User Guide, Connector Documentation and Frequently Asked Questions where you will find solutions and answers to common support issues:

What should be included in a request?

When requesting assistance, it is best to include as much information as possible to ensure that our support engineers can best assist you:

  • The related Tasktop Product (e.g. Tasktop Viz, Tasktop Hub, Tasktop Sync)
  • Your name, organization and contact information (organizations email address not personal)
  • Related repositories or tools (e.g. Micro Focus ALM, Microsoft Azure DevOps, Atlassian Jira, Microsoft SQL Server) and their versions
  • Any additional information that may be useful in diagnosing and troubleshooting
    • Steps to reproduce
    • Example errors, task IDs, etc.
    • Impact or severity
    • Screenshots of repositories or Tasktop screens
  • For Tasktop Hub also inlcude the related Integration Style (e.g. Enterprise Data Stream, Modify via Gateway, Create via Gateway, Work Item Synchronization, etc.)

We may request logs, an Error Report or Tasktop Hub Support and Usage Report and will provide steps as well as a location to upload the files.

Please do NOT include logs, Error Reports or Support and Usage Report as an attachment. Our Support team will provide a secure upload location since email is not a secure way to share this information.